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KMC Counseling

working together to move you forward

Hello and welcome.

My name is Kristen McCurry, and I’m a licensed therapist (LMSW). I graduated from the University of Michigan with my master’s degree in social work in 2013.


Since then, I’ve been working in many of the places you’d find social workers—research and evaluation projects, nonprofits, policy development, and clinical settings.


In early 2016, I decided to devote my full-time efforts to being a therapist, because nothing else gives me the same joy I feel when my client and I celebrate a new level of healing that is happening in their lives.

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I’m here to understand you.

Often, I meet my clients when they’re going through something that is too much for them to get through alone. It’s usually:

  • a family change (breakup, divorce, getting into a new relationship after a bad one, pregnancy, loss)

  • a career change (graduation from college, job transition, retirement)

  • an identity change (health diagnosis, financial change, coming out)

  • or after experiencing the unexpected (an event that was and is painful, scary, upsetting, or surprising)


Whatever you’re going through, my number one priority is listening to understand.


It seems like such a simple thing, to just hear the words someone is saying and learning about the meaning behind their words. But there’s a powerful dynamic that is created when two people connect through conversation.


Our human brains are biologically wired to respond to this process with healing.


It’s a collaborative process that requires both of us to do our part—my part is to learn who you are so I can understand both the words that you’re saying and what those words mean in the context of your life, your personality, and your language of experience.

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I’m here to help you move forward.

The only constant in life is change. The beautiful and terrifying reality is that life asks us to constantly adapt, grow, and learn—we are always taking steps forward into our future.


What future do you want to move forward into? 


I am passionate about working with my clients to answer that question, and develop the steps and goals that will help them make those dreams a reality.


I believe that working to move ourselves into the future means inviting new observations of our past experiences and present behaviors. In the process of moving forward, we sometimes revisit past experiences, with the goal of releasing them or carrying them in new ways. We also work to bring a more mindful and purposeful awareness into our present. By allowing new observations of our past and present experiences, we're able to change patterns and understand ourselves better.


Through this process, we bring a healing understanding to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and align them more smoothly to carry you forward into the future you want.

On the Road

I’m on a mission.

I believe it is my life’s work to leave things a little better than I found them.


Every person, every place, and this world we share are all beautifully flawed works in progress. I feel that my days are successful when I’ve done the very best I can for my clients and my world, when I can say that I left things a little better than I found them.

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Insurance and Rates

I believe that therapy should be available to everyone. I will do everything I reasonably can to ensure that my clients have access to the services they need.

I work with many insurance companies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, HAP, and Medicare policies. I also offer reduced rates for self-pay clients. Please reach out to talk about what would work best for you.

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